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How To Practice Indoors

With the bitter cold temps hitting most areas (thanks to an Arctic Blast this week) there’s never a better time for practicing indoors than right now. For most golfers, hitting into a net or on a simulator can sometimes lead to frustration if progress and improvement isn’t seen right away. 

In their latest episode of the “Hack It Out Golf” podcast, hosts Lou Stagner (Data Lead at Arccos Golf), Mark Chalmers (PGA Tour Pro), and Mark Crossfield (Golf Instructor) discuss several tips that will make your indoor training session more effective and help improve your game:

   1) Focus on ball striking and use different methods of marking the ball/club so that you know where the impact is on the clubface (ie. impact tape, dry erase marker).

   2) Without seeing full ball flight indoors, it’s important to pick a target on the net or screen so you can work on consistent targeting.

   3) Make sure you continue using a pre-shot routine when indoors and not just stepping up and blasting shots over and over again. 

   4) Indoor practice is a great chance to work on speed training and focus on increasing your clubhead speed during the offseason.

For more helpful indoor practice tips, listen to the “Hack It Out Golf” podcast