Golf Technology … and it’s role in Practice & Play

Technology’s impact on golf is probably the worst kept secret in the industry. The tech side of the game has changed the way we play, practice, learn, and watch the game, as well as what we wear and the equipment we use. What used to be a seasonal game in most areas of the country, has become a year-round endeavor, thanks to indoor golf simulators in the homes of die-hard golfers and in businesses that promote the game through socialization, food, and drink.

The future of golf – golf entertainment venues

With Topgolf, Toptracer, PopStroke, Drive Shack, Puttery, and more like them that are attracting golfers and non-golfers alike to their golf entertainment venues and ranges, they are introducing the game to a whole new demographic of golfer, the social “golf is boring” golfer, who always swore they’d never play the game, but is now more inclined to say “I am a golfer.” These venues are breaking down barriers one by one – cost, time to play, instruction, family fun, socialization, diversity and inclusion – and all segments of the industry are reaping the benefits.

The future of golf – indoor golf simulation

Indoor golf simulators pick up where golf entertainment venues leave off. While the big-name entertainment spots get new golfers hooked on the game, we here at The Indoor Golf Shop take it a step further and provide a plethora of opportunities for golfers, new and old, to play at home, in the dead of winter in places like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New England. Sure, the Vikings, Packers, and Patriots are still the main attraction when the mercury starts to drop, but now their fans are watching the game with one eye and playing a virtual round of golf at Pebble Beach in their basement or indoor golf simulator studio across town with the other eye.

The Future of Golf and the Role of Technology in Training and Play

by using Vinnie Manginelli, PGA

technology’s impact on golf is probably the worst saved secret inside the enterprise. The tech side of the game has changed the manner we play, practice, study, and watch the game, in addition to what we wear and the gadget we use. What was a seasonal recreation in maximum regions of the us of a, has turn out to be a yr-spherical undertaking, way to indoor golf simulators inside the houses of die-difficult golfers and in businesses that promote the game through socialization, food, and drink.

The destiny of golf – the expert game

The destiny of the expert recreation is active, with dynamic young gamers becoming a member of the high-quality names that we all recognise and love. With competing tours shaking things up and expert ranks on six continents, there’s greater opposition than ever for the celebrities of the following day to discover. The girls’s sport is extra famous, diverse, and worldwide than ever earlier than, with the top gamers in the sport hailing from all corners of the world and young stars superseding the legends of yesteryear.

The destiny of golfing – device and garb

As distance remains the using aspect in success on the direction, gadget technology (balls and golf equipment) will hold to excel on the coins check in for the world’s main manufacturers. The leaders within the enterprise outdo themselves with each new membership release, and golfers are eating it up, spending masses of greenbacks at the state-of-the-art and best driving force, when they were in reality just getting used to the one that they had.

The expression “golfing style” is an oxymoron no extra, as what we see Rickie and Scottie and Jordan and Justin wear at the weekend commonly finally ends up in our golfing stores soon after. With breathable fabric, colourful colorations and styles, and an entirely new athleisure segment, golfing garb for ladies and men is as vital to the game as that new Vokey wedge or Scotty Cameron putter.

The destiny of golfing – golfing leisure venues

With Topgolf, Toptracer, PopStroke, force Shack, setting global, and extra attracting golfers and non-golfers alike to their golf enjoyment venues and ranges, they may be introducing the sport to a whole new demographic of golfer, the social “golf is uninteresting” golfer, who always swore they’d never play the sport, however is now more willing to mention “i am a golfer.” those venues are breaking down boundaries separately – fee, time to play, instruction, own family fun, socialization, variety and inclusion – and all segments of the industry are reaping the advantages.

The future of golfing – indoor golfing simulation

Indoor golfing simulators pick out up wherein golfing amusement venues leave off. whilst the big-name amusement spots get new golfers hooked on the game, The Indoor golfing shop takes it a step further and offers a plethora of opportunities for golfers, new and vintage, to play at home, within the dead of iciness in locations like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New England. positive, the Vikings, Packers, and Patriots are nevertheless the main appeal when the mercury starts offevolved to drop, however now their enthusiasts are looking the sport with one eye and playing a virtual spherical of golf at Pebble beach of their basement or indoor golfing simulator studio across metropolis with the other eye.

The Indoor golfing shop has the whole thing you want, from soup to nuts, to go all-in on golfing technology. You already have the golf equipment, the balls, the clothes, the shoes, and the preference. Now you just need to revel in what era can suggest to your golfing revel in.

The destiny of golf method generation doesn’t have to interrupt the bank

With tens of millions of latest golfers taking over the sport at some stage in the pandemic, the second one-hand golf club marketplace is booming. by way of buying ultimate year’s model or even a few years lower back, you may shop a boatload of money and nevertheless acquire the benefits of the stellar era built in.

In garb, browse your neighborhood golf stores and you’ll see lovely fabric and patterns in golf shirts with price points from $40 to well over $one hundred. Now, you could appear to be a seasoned with out paying seasoned costs!

here at the Indoor golfing shop, we’ve indoor golfing simulators for all budgets, as well:


The FlightScope Mevo+ schooling package includes the Mevo+ release reveal, a golfing net, facet netting, a SIGPRO turf golf mat, E6 software with 10 golf courses preloaded. when you don’t forget the hours of family fun, hijinks with your pals, and devoted exercise that turns into to be had, you recognize what an unbelievable good deal this package is. there are many other FlightScope Mevo+ applications that provide an array of different services. contact our income crew these days!


The SkyTrak Sig10 golfing Simulator bundle consists of the SkyTrak launch reveal, entire simulator studio, SIGPRO top class display screen, projector and cables, and Play and improve software program with golf direction Play. If SkyTrak is your device of desire, you could spend as little as $four,000 or deal with yourself to a bundle twice that amount.


The Indoor golf keep has package alternatives with such others leaders on this area as Uneekor, Bushnell, TruGolf, Foresight sports activities, and HD golfing. check out our website and it’ll be like Christmas Day each day!

The future of golf manner getting serious approximately exercise

sooner or later, no piece on golf generation would be whole with out paying homage to the launch monitor. It’s the driving force at the back of all of the gaming options available on the market. not simplest are you able to circulation simulation to a display screen, pill, or computer, however you could practice with a reason in thoughts, analyzing your membership pace, ball velocity, destroy factor, perspective of approach, membership face angle at impact, convey distance, overall distance, and more. you can purchase a launch monitor and a rudimentary net OR pass all out and invest inside the display, turf, and simulation package.

once more, it may be a bit overwhelming with so many alternatives, however the Indoor golf keep income and carrier crew allow you to navigate the purchase so you are thrilled later on and excited to project into the many opportunities that golfing era has to offer the golf enthusiast in every body.

From Tee To Screen With Scott Wilkerson

Before PGA Tour, LPGA, Korn Ferry and other professional tours begin their first rounds of play on Thursdays, lots of work is done between players, coaches, and equipment technicians on the Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays leading up to the tournament. If you’ve been to a professional golf event during the pro-am days or practice rounds you might have noticed a lot of activity between the driving range and a parking lot full of semis and vans that are owned by the club companies and other equipment brands.

This is Scott Wilkerson’s world, and the longtime clubfitter and equipment technician has seen it all on every professional golf tour you can name. Now, as the Global Tour Manager for UST-Mamiya Shafts, Scott oversees the team of equipment techs that are working with tour pros on a weekly basis to fine tune their clubs and also test prototype shafts that haven’t hit the consumer market yet. And Scott travels to almost all PGA Tour events week to week, working with the world’s best players.

In this video, we catch up with Scott to learn about his fascinating job on Tour and how he and the pros use launch monitors and other technology to get optimal ball flight and performance out of their equipment.
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